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In addition to identifying trends through our daily interactions with companies and job seekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and employment issues. Read about our latest research, including results from our ongoing surveys of CFOs and other senior executives.

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2016 Archives
Dec 1, 2016
CFOs Say Generic Application Materials, Little Company Knowledge Are Most Common Mistakes
Nov 3, 2016
Survey: Managers Feel Workplace Holiday Presents Are Appropriate, Reveal Inappropriate Examples
Oct 28, 2016
Panelists to Discuss Compensation Trends, In-Demand Jobs and More
Oct 27, 2016
Comprehensive Study of More Than 12,000 U.S. and Canadian Workers Reveals the Happiest and Unhappiest by Field, Gender, Company Size and Other Factors
Oct 11, 2016
Survey: Most Workers Happy With Managers but Don't Covet Their Roles, Citing Too Much Stress
Sep 28, 2016
Survey: Managers' Favorite Job Interview Questions Can Get Tricky, But Most Focus on the Opportunity
Aug 30, 2016
Average Starting Salaries To Rise 3.6 Percent In 2017, According To Robert Half Research
Aug 11, 2016
New Worker Survey: Most Frustrating Part of Job Search is Long Wait to Hear Status; Nearly One-Quarter of Workers Lose Interest Within One Week of Initial Interview
Aug 9, 2016
Survey: Most Firms Conducting Same Amount of Campus Recruiting as Five Years Ago; Creativity and Enthusiasm Top Employers' Wish Lists
Jul 19, 2016
Poll Reveals Top Attributes for Professional Success: Desire for Knowledge, Interpersonal Skills and Flexibility
Jul 7, 2016
Recent Graduates: Ready for Your First Big Career Move?
Jun 29, 2016
Survey Finds Workplace Politics Prevalent; Gossip and Rumors Most Common
May 26, 2016
Survey: 41 Percent Take Fewer Vacation Days To Avoid Returning To More Work
May 4, 2016
CFOs Say a Morning Job Interview is Best, Candidates Have 15 Minutes to Impress
Apr 14, 2016
Robert Half and IMA report reveals success factors for building teams with in-demand expertise
Apr 12, 2016
Survey Shows Informational Interviews Can Result in Direct Job Leads
Mar 10, 2016
Seven in 10 Work While Tired; Nearly 30 Percent Say it Leads to Mistakes
Feb 25, 2016
New Robert Half Career City Index Ranks 25 Metropolitan Areas With Seattle, Boston and San Francisco Topping the List; Separate Poll Shows Workers' Willingness to Relocate
Feb 23, 2016
98 Percent of HR Managers Would Rehire a Former Employee; Only 48 Percent of Workers Would Come Back
Feb 4, 2016
Panelists to Discuss Salary Trends and In-Demand Positions and Skills
Jan 14, 2016
86 Percent of CFOs Say It's Important to Have a Mentor, Yet Few Workers Do; More Men Than Women Have Mentors

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